Sunday, 18 September 2011

Beat Mix Eurodance Vol.3

Mixed by:The King of Mix

01. Intro
02. Absolom - The 90s
Alexia - Me and YOu
Ken Laszio and Jenny - for a day
DJ Bobo - Freedom
Rimini Project - Wake Up
The Free - Lover on The Line
03. Masterboy - Show me Colours
Afisha - Secret of the Night
Jam and Spoon - Right in the Night
Direct 2 Danec - Burning Up
Dr. Alban - Le the Beat go On
Capella - U Got 2 Let The Music
04. Daze - Superhero Lover
X-Fader - Here We Are
Ice MC - Dark Night Rider
Caught in the Act - Love is Everywhere
Playahitty - I Love The Sun
Masterboy - I Got To Give It Up
05. Culture Beat - Mr. Vain
SAY - Music Takes You HIgher
Double You - Part Time Lover
Aqua - My Oh My
TH Express - Im On Your Side
Da Blitz - Stay With Me
06. Mr. President - Up N Away
Eclipse - Let the Rhythm Move YOu
Radiorama - Cause the Night
Shalima - Dont Let Me Go
Reggy O - Move my Body
07. Jhava - Dont Tell Me Lies
Dance 4Color - More of the Hot Stuff
Intermission - Six Days
DJ Bobo - Pray
Echo Bass - GOtta Dance With The Music
08. TH Express - Missing in the Rain
Barcode - Gotta Get A Moving
Sirius - This is my Life
Cheyenne - Money Man
Marissa - The Power of Love
Dante - Flying Away
Joymania - Touch Your Bum
Rimini Project - Sounds Good
09. 2 Unlimited - No Limits
Chumi DJ - If you cant give me Love
Pharao - There is a Star
Dane - Mystery Girl
Skyline - Dream in the Night
Groovekult - Midnight Dream
10. Centory - Take it to the Limit
Magic Affair - Energy of Light
Mr. President - Gonna get Along
Fun Factory - Pain
Double You - Dancing With an Angel
11. Captain Jack - Captain Jack
Blue Heart - Singin im Happy
T-Zone - Dont Let Me
Dianas - All I Need Is Love
Free - Dance The Night Away
Get Wet - Something Unreal
MaRadscha - Cuckoo For Your Love

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  1. Deosebit! Felicitari pentru mix.Seamana cu Theo Kamann, dar nu e !!!